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the beginning

Completely dedicated to mastering their instruments since the age of 7, Elena and Roberto both attended conservatories in their respective cities: Madrid and Zaragoza.

the degree

Elena and Roberto obtained their Bachelor's degrees in Violin and Cello in Spain, and then went on to participate actively in international orchestras. They furthered their education by completing a Master's degrees in Manchester, England.

a new adventure

Their paths crossed during a social project in Mexico in 2013, following the completion of their studies. Together, they decided to offer musical education to disadvantaged children aged 7 to 17 in La Paz, Mexico. By forming an orchestra and serving as mentors, they significantly enriched the musical education of these children.


In 2017 Elena and Roberto established CaboStrings as professional musicians specializing in weddings. Beyond their performances, they are committed to educating couples about music and sharing their expertise. Leveraging social media, they continue to spread awareness about musical instruments, ensuring their educational mission remains vibrant.


In 2019, CaboStrings revolutionized wedding music by introducing modern and electric instruments into their performances. Always at the forefront of music, the inclusion of these new instruments allowed for experimentation with contemporary sounds, providing a unique and innovative bridal experience. This modernization of the wedding music concept not only offered new sonic possibilities but also elevated the dream wedding experience to a new level, ensuring unforgettable moments for couples and their guests.

elena rollan

  • Elena takes care of customer service and handles all the administrative tasks. She is the one that answers every email and contact form since the begining of CaboStrings.

  • She isn't as serious as she looks.

  • The third member of CaboStrings is her loving dog, Pistache.

  • Roberto handles video editing and graphic design for CaboStrings' social media channels. He's been crafting content for CaboStrings right from the start. He also writes our blogs!

  • He enjoys playing videogames like Uncharted.

  • Since a kid he dances while playing his cello.

roberto miranda


our story

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