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Discover the expertise of CaboStrings, your trusted violin and cello duo specializing in Los Cabos wedding ceremonies. Dedicated to delivering a bespoke, professional service tailored to elevate your event in Los Cabos. Choose CaboStrings for an unforgettable musical experience on your special day.

Elena & Roberto

live music in los cabos

About Us


live music for your event in los cabos

About Us

Violinist and Cellist playing in a bright summer day in Los Cabos filled with nature and sunlight.
Young violinist and cellist playing electric instruments in an elegant wedding ceremony in Los Cabos.
Violinist and Cellist playing their electronic instruments with a joyful newleywed bride dancing on the dancefloor.

day to night

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dj happenings

Elevate your Los Cabos wedding ceremony to a symphony of emotions with CaboStrings. Our expert violin and cello duo, armed with over a decade of experience, delicately craft the perfect musical backdrop for your vows. Meticulous and passionate, we bring a touch of magic to your special moment, ensuring that the music resonates with the unique essence of your love story.

As the celebration unfolds, let CaboStrings serenade your guests during the Cocktail Hour. Elena and Roberto seamlessly transition from the ceremony, providing an enchanting ambiance for socializing and toasting to love. With a repertoire that blends sophistication and joy, our exquisite melodies ensure a memorable and harmonious atmosphere.

Keep the rhythm alive and the dance floor buzzing with CaboStrings'  DJ      Happenings. 
With a commitment to staying current, we regularly update our repertoire with the latest trending and beautiful songs, ensuring a lively and unforgettable party. Let CaboStrings transform your wedding celebration into a night of music, dance, and joy that will be cherished forever.

Olive branch in a beige tone.

- more than music

At CaboStrings, we hold the firm belief that the music on your wedding day should be a timeless and enchanting memory.

Elena and Roberto are here to guide you in selecting the perfect songs that will resonate throughout your special day.

Your wedding music repertoire is an important decision to make, and CaboStrings will guide you in every step of the way.

Young cellist playing his white electronic cello live in a Los Cabos Wedding in the beach.
Violinist and Cellist playing in a Los Cabos Wedding in a luxury hotel alongside the beach.
Cellist and violinist playing live in a Wedding Ceremony during the night joyfully and dancing.





Through video vlogs, we capture the experience of what it is like to be a wedding musician in Los Cabos.

CaboStrings Pro, the YouTube channel curated by the renowned violin and cello duo in Los Cabos, offers a captivating glimpse into the world of wedding music through their extensive collection of video vlogs.

With over six years of consistent uploads, CaboStrings Pro immerses viewers in the enchanting atmosphere of the beautiful weddings they have passionately participated in.

As experts in the field, CaboStrings brings a unique blend of skill and artistry to each performance, showcasing the emotional resonance that music adds to these special moments.

CaboStrings, a duo formed by accomplished musicians Elena, a violin expert, and Roberto, a master cellist, brings over a decade of high-caliber musical experience.  The two form an unparalleled team that stands out for its positive energy that is contagious to the wedding guests.

Specializing in providing services for weddings in Los Cabos, Mexico, CaboStrings stands out for its commitment to artistic excellence and its ability to transform events into exceptional  experiences.


With a meticulous focus on technical execution and a deep emotional connection to music, CaboStrings delivers captivating performances that elevate the solemnity of wedding ceremonies. Their diverse repertoire spans from classical to contemporary pieces, adapting to the individual tastes of each client.

CaboStrings is the ideal choice for your wedding ceremony, offering not only the highest caliber of musical performance but also delivering a professional service that attends to every meticulous detail.


Elegant violinist and cellist wearing casual attire playing modern songs in Los Cabos Wedding.

Cabostrings: over a decade of expertise in wedding ceremonies in los cabos.

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